Sunday, August 07, 2005

An Outing at Prangin Mall

It's Sunday and it's weekend. yo....... I went out again to Prangin Mall. It's time for me to try out some good food. And yes, my sis and I decided to have our lunch at Wong Kok Char Chan Teng. Hmmm... This was my second time to have my meal here in Penang. Let see what did we eat.

Of course, I wouldn't let go this famous Hong Kong "Po Lo Pau". Mmm... Yummy!!! Besides, we also ordered a twin set lunch. There were a few alternatives and we finally selected "Dong Po Yok" which i never tried before. I heard before this cuisine from HK drama and now it's the time for me to eat.

The set lunch comprised the main course, Dong Po Yok, vege, soup and 2 bowls of rice. My comment after taking the lunch: Still Ok since i don't really eat pork unless it's special like this. The gravy tasted sweet and it reminded me that there's one well-known chinese from the ancient China named "Su Dong Po".

The lunch time was over and it's time for shopping. Even though it's Mega Sales season, I still don't really enjoy shopping. It's so crowded. When we walked around near a butik, we heard some kind of noise coming from from Atrium B. Driven by curiosity, we just walked there to take a look. Oh...... Do you know what's hapenning there?

There's a oldies singing competition organized by Guang Ming Daily. Those competitors were very high spirited to show their talent. Besides, there were many people standing just to watch them singing since the seats were already occupied. Not bad ahh.... Haha.....

I bought a t-shirt and we finally went home at 6p.m.


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