Wednesday, August 31, 2005

31 Aug

What's on 31 Aug?? For me, there are 4 events happening around me.

  1. Malaysia National Day - It's Hari Merdeka. All Malaysians are celebrating it. I can see Jalur Gemilang around the town, cars, and even the mini buses use the flag as their curtains. hmm... Malaysia is getting old and it's developing... So, Happy Independence Day!!!
  2. BlogDay - BlogDay 2005. It's a special day for all bloggers throughout the world to know each other and discover new blogs as well as recommending interesting blogs to their visitors. In my opinion, it's an efficient way for the flow of knowledge from one person to another through blogs. Sharing is caring, remember?
  3. My friend, Shea Fen's Birthday - Birthday boys and birthday girls today will never feel lonely because the whole Malaysia is celebrating with them. Again, Happy Birthday to Shea Fen!!! Muakssss........
  4. Most important one --> My Holiday - hah... I love holiday!!! It's time for me to relax. I just spent my time at home online and kacau-ing my housemate. We talk talk talk until we talked about movie that hit our interests(Lords Of Dogtown). So, we ended up having a plan to catch it at GSC in Gurney Plaza. Since it's public holiday, the traffic was so jam and it's damn hard to find a parking lot. After we round and round and round around the parking area, we finally decided to park the car at a place which did not block the way of other cars because the movie was going to start very soon and we did not want to miss any part of the movie. Luckily, the movie had not started yet when we grabbed our seats in the cinema and it was showing The Transporter 2 trailer. Not bad... and finally, my long-waited movie started to show. Conclusion: It's a must-watch movie if you like Skateboarding or X-games. You do not need to Google to search for the history or the founder of Skateboarding. What you need to do is just sit down, relax and enjoy the movie for 2 hours. This movie focuses on how a group of teenagers who like surfing started the skateboarding trend in 1970's. The story of Z-Boys especially Stacy Peralta, Tony Alva and Jay Adams rocked the skateboards at a placed called Dogtown in Venice, California are all described here. Not going talk too much here, it's more fun to watch it yourself. :) It's an enjoying holiday with this great movie.

Hmm... how you pass your 31 Aug?? Shouting Merdeka, Merdeka, Merdeka!!!


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