Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Funny Advertisement by Sun

Today, i come across an article in Slashdot entitled Sun's Bold New Ad Campaign. After seeing the picture attached, I am wondering whether this is a true news or not. My first thought is: Why Sun does so??? Are Dell CEOs, president or the server developers looking out at their windows at that moment??? Hmm... Maybe Sun's marketing department is running out of any other creative ideas in promoting their new server, so they come out with this "Fly By Over Dell" advertisement.

No doubt, they successfully catch attentions especially from the press. This advertisement prove that my thought which is big companies won't mention and tell others about their competitors is actually wrong. Totally wrong! There are more funny ads over here. The advertisement is defined as "Explicit Content" whereby you are warned before seeing it.

Whether all these banners and ads are good ways to make Sun's server a hot ticket or not, definitely, I do not have the answer... Only those people who buy and use server are able to tell.


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