Friday, June 05, 2009

Ovi Store on Nokia 5800 XM

With recent launch of Ovi Store, I install Ovi Store client on my Tube for easy access to tonnes of application and widget for my phone. For selected countries, the update is available at Download! folder. Just go to Menu> Download!, then tap on Options> Refresh Content. In my case, the Ovi Store icon is not available other than those Jamster icons. So I get it from official website. Browse the page and click on "Download the Ovi Store application" hyperlink.
Ovi Store on Nokia 5800 XM

Before downloading, login to Nokia account is required. Make sure you register an account beforehand. Click on the Download button and the installation file (.sis extension) will be downloaded to your device. Proceed with the installation after that.
Ovi Store on Nokia 5800 XM

After installation is completed, Ovi Store icon will be available in application menu. Just tap on this icon whenever you want to look for applications, games or media files for your phone.
Ovi Store on Nokia 5800 XM

Voila, all the cool stuffs are on your finger tips now.
Ovi Recommended Application

If you own a Nokia device and haven't browsed through the Ovi Store, it's definitely worth a try!

P/s: 21st Century Breakdown on my playlist now!!

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