Saturday, November 28, 2009

Malaysia: Skytrex Adventure

During the long weekends, I finally had a taste of Skytrex Adventure at Taman Pertanian Malaysia. We completed the Big Thrill challenge without taking the Chicken Exit. Pats on the back.

However, there's nothing to be proud of when I see all these little heroes and heroines doing the Little Adventure challenge. Looking at this girl, who is only 4 or 5 years old, crossed the string all on her own. Her hands couldn't even reach the cable above. She fell and still managed to complete the challenge. What a courageous kid.
Malaysia: Skytrex Adventure @ Song About Jen

This boy was so afraid of this challenge and only started to move after someone volunteered to accompany him. He held her hand so tightly and wouldn't let go until he's assured it's safe. It's joy to see his fear expression ended up in a smile.
Malaysia: Skytrex Adventure @ Song About Jen

My arms and abs sore like shit now.

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