Monday, November 23, 2009

Thailand: Elephant Ride and Snake Show

After visiting floating market, the tour guide brought us to an elephant ride. According to him, only the royal family could ride on elephant in the ancient times. The rider controlled the direction using the motion of his legs behind the elephant ears. Amazing isn't it? However, no one was interested in the elephant ride under this scorching heat.
Thailand: Elephant Ride and Snake Show

So, the guide brought us to the Cobra Show after that. I was pondering whether I want to watch or not and the Canadian lady said "Let's do it!" and the snake show, there we went. We were welcomed by this python at the entrance. Guess where the python hid his head. Behind the young guy's butt.
Thailand: Elephant Ride and Snake Show

There were quite a lot of audience waiting for the show to start. The chicken shit me chose to sit at the last row. Look at the so-called stage, the fence was really low.
Thailand: Elephant Ride and Snake Show

First up was cobra show. The handler swung that piece of cloth left and right in front of the King Cobra. The cobra sensed the motion and attacked its enemy. The handler was responsive and skillful enough to escape from the strikes.
Thailand: Elephant Ride and Snake Show

The Head Up King Cobra.
Thailand: Elephant Ride and Snake Show

This is the cobra show that sends a chill down your spine. Have you ever seen a man kissing a cobra? Don't play play. I hope he has a life insurance.

After the show, the handler demonstrated snake bite using a glass and plastic. Plastic was used to imitate the human skin. The audience could see the fangs and the venom from the cobra through the transparent glass. The poison regeneration was faster than your mana regeneration. After that, the handler also showed the funny fact of a cobra. A cobra has 2 penises. Haha.
Thailand: Elephant Ride and Snake Show

Before the cobra was moved away from the limelight, the handler walked around the audience and let us touch the creepy snake. Yes, I freaking touched it.
Thailand: Elephant Ride and Snake Show

Next up, Mongoose VS Cobra. Mongoose is capable of killing a cobra. The snake was separated from mongoose before it got killed during the fight. That's brutal.

Python show. The 6-year-old python was strong and aggressive and it could swallow a cow anytime. After catching the cobra, the handler spun the snake in 360 degrees in a fast speed. The audience in the front rows screamed at the top of their lungs and ran away from their seats. There was a strong feeling that the python would flung towards your direction.

This was the last stunt. How to catch 3 snakes with bare hands? First 2 snakes were caught using hands and what about the third one? Let your imagination go wild or watch this video.

I feel glad that I did it and I won't do it again in my life.

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