Monday, August 20, 2007

A Series of Unfortunate Events

I think I have been having bad luck since June, or the time when I was in Taiwan. Perhaps, it started off with the leaking glass on the plane of China Airlines. The cabin crew gave me a cup of red wine on a leaking plastic cup. Without noticing it, the drinks spilt on my blanket. So, I changed another cup, and again, the cup was leaking. I was really lucky to get 2 leaking cups of China Airlines in a row. Following that, I caught fever cum sore throat on the third day of the trip. The fever came and went for a few days continuously. A dozen of Panadols wasn't strong enough to fight the viruses in my body. Needless to say, this sickness had marred the fun on the entire trip and developed a phobia for me towards Taiwan.

On the second day of the trip, we went to Taroko Gorge which is one of the tourism attractions at Hualien. Of course, we took picture. My sister found out that there was something looked fishy in the picture. There was one hand flying out from behind and stopped on my shoulder. We were shocked by this unknowing hand and thought there was something "dirty" wanted to take picture with us. After further investigation, the hand was actually Hanlun's hand. His hand was posing the inverted 7 shape like Steven's hand with his index finger pointing outwards and hence creating this illusion. Think twice before you pose next time!
Taroko Gorge

On the first working day after my one-week leave, my coffee mug was declared missing when I wanted to have my breakfast. My mug was originally put at the rack where everyone puts their mugs in the pantry. It was so lucky to be picked by the pantry thief. Damn pissed and sad that time! The whereabouts is still unknown now. Not only my mug was missing, someone changed my scroll mouse to another mouse without scroll wheel. These were my losses within 7 days absence of work.

Bad thing kept coming to me. I unnoticingly hurt my lower right ribcage. I could feel the pain when i had huge movement like cough or laugh out loud or when I pressed on it. I was once trying to see doctor and hopefully made an x-ray. However, since it was Sunday, the out-patient clinic at Putrajaya Hospital was closed. I had to go to the emergency department. Since I still could move around, I was placed in the-most-not-severe category. After hours of long waiting, I knew the turn would never come to me and I gave up. There were other patients who needed medical attentions more than me. When it was about to recover, my colleague banged her car's sport rim to the divider while making a turn. This time, I could feel
an excruciating pain. I went to see doctor after working hours and referred to another panel clinic for X-ray. I recovered after taking medicine.

Following that, something even more exciting fell upon me. There was this Rove Beetle landed on my hand and crawled for a distance. Mouse over your cursor to the image ONLY IF you want to see how terrible my hand was. WARNING!! It's definitely not for someone faint-hearted.

Its toxin left me a long inflammation on my hand but there's no pain at all, only heat when I touched on it. Again, I had to visit the doctor and she gave me injection and put on some cream since I didn't know it's Rove Beetle at that moment. Since there's no improvement after a few days, I paid a visit to the clinic again. This time, the doctor was another person. He soaked the gauze swab with a kind of liquid medicine and rubbed on the infected area. Ouch! He then used a forceps to remove the skin from my hand. After that, he put a thick ointment and dressing on the wound. It's healed after putting on ointment and taking antibiotic.

Beware of this insect which is as poisonous as Venomancer and Viper. It is hard to be killed and can easily leave you a scar. I manage to find some information about it from a chinese blog and a victim's blog.
Rove Beetle

So, what is next?

p/s: This post is originally drafted in end of July.

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