Sunday, December 14, 2008

Terengganu: Penambang River Cruise

This is the continue write up for my Terengganu trip after the Nasi Dagang post. We took a cruise on penambang boat to cross the river from Kuala Terengganu to Seberang Takir. We took off from the dock opposite to Bazaar Warisan. The river cruise took about 10 minutes and would eventually land us at a fishing village.
Terengganu: Penambang River Cruise @ Song About Jen

This was the panambang boat loaded with passengers. The ride per trip for an adult costs RM 1.00. I wonder whether they do sell monthly pass for the locals or not as these boats are just like LRT in KL. Boat is the main transportation so that the villagers can transfer goods from the fishing village to the town. You can see the locals transporting basket full of fish using boats. Penambang boat is operated using engine so you can hear M-16 machine gun shooting sound all the way during the ride.
Terengganu: Penambang River Cruise @ Song About Jen

During the journey, we saw this gigantic ship. I think it's more like a cargo ship.
Terengganu: Penambang River Cruise @ Song About Jen

After the water-taxi ride, we arrived at Zakaria Muda fishing village. Lots of fishing boats could be seen at the estuary. This one with lots of flags. Will write about the village and the local activities sometime later.
Terengganu: Penambang River Cruise @ Song About Jen

P/s: Foo Fighters - Live At Wembley Stadium has the nicest stage ever.

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Wahh.. On block leave ar.. So nice ar...

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No more leave for this year.. haha

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