Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore 2010 - Update

Incredible! Didn't know that I could survive a 21km run. The race is over and result's out 1 day after the race. I feel pretty surprise that I completed the race in 2:51:45 according to the Chip Finish Time. So proud of myself. I want to thank Su for pacing with me. If not because of her, I could have walked after 16km mark. We only had 4 hours of sleeps prior to the race hence these are the sleepy faces.
Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore 2010 - Update @ Song About Jen

On race day, we arrived at Harbourfront MRT station at 6 a.m. in the morning. We then went to Vivo City for a loo visit and followed the crowd to walk to the starting line. While walking towards Sentosa bridge, Sentosa Express monorail zoomed past us, we heard blasting music of Black Eyed Peas song, saw the big Sentosa sign and we realized that the race was already started. We crossed the starting line 6 minutes after the gun time. Our timings for the first 6km were very slow. We jogged at a conversational pace because it's too crowded. Some of the roads were so narrow that we had to totally slow down especially the one before first water station before 4km mark. Some people just took shortcut in order to beat the jam. Before running past Underwater World, there was one point where runners completely stopped due to a pool of water. While running past the first 5km check point, I found out that we were seriously lagged behind because it took us roughly 1 hour and my normal pace is 7km in 55 minutes. So we sped up a bit and very soon we reached Universal Studio. We were first greeted by Far Far Away Castle but to my disappointment I didn't see Shrek. Maybe he had overslept. We saw Hippo and Penguin from Madagascar, Charlie Chaplin, muscular Mummy guards and some characters that I didn't know. Many people were cheering for us which helped in adrenaline boost and it made us ran faster.
Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore 2010 - Update @ Song About Jen

After 1.5 hours, we finally reached 10km mark. I took a pack of lime flavored GU Gel. Luckily it didn't taste bad at all because I tried chocolate flavored Power Gel before and it tasted so bad that I couldn't finish it. After 11km mark along Telok Belangah Road, there was no shade and the heat was excruciating. I just knew that I had to keep moving. When I saw 100 Plus booth, I felt rejoice and I ran towards it. Starting from 16km mark, I already felt tired and my breathing was not so smooth anymore. I implemented the run-walk system so that I could still paced with Su. She's still doing good but when she talked to me I couldn't respond well because I wanted to save my energy for running. We applied deep heating rub between 16km and 17km mark.
Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore 2010 - Update @ Song About Jen

Starting from 19km mark, there were a lot of cheering crowds. I knew we were almost there and I started to run again. The bad thing was Su had side stitch and I had to leave her behind. I started taking video while running towards the finish line. I lost concentration and I ran in the wrong lane. When I ran past the barricade, all of a sudden I heard "Half Marathon to your left". It jolted me and I made a slight U-turn to go back to the correct lane. The timing board was showing 2:57 and I had to run faster so that I could finish the race in sub 3 hours. Voila, I completed my first half marathon in 2:57:48 as per Gun Finish Time. The video was super shaky because I couldn't hold my phone well when I tried to sprint and I shot my own foot instead. Haha. Be warned, this video will make you headache.

Today, the Body Combat instructor taught us Tracklist 46 which was just launched in Malaysia over the weekends. I don't really like this tracklist because I feel that my body can't coordinate well. During Track 6 (Spitfire - Ghost Hunter), there are too much leg works. During the 4th reps of side kick and lunges, my thighs are shaking and weak. A nice preview video for Tracklist 46.

It's time to recuperate and recharge. Till then.



Blogger flyingfish11 said...

great job dude.
the GU gel here is super cheap according to my fren. do u want me to help u buy some? i tried choc mint b4. nice :)

12/22/2010 04:26:00 AM  
Blogger YeeJen said...

thanks dude. i hope i can run another half marathon but too bad there is no more race coming up before feb. that's my last long distance run so i don't need any gel anymore :)

i have retired... from running.

12/23/2010 01:01:00 AM  

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