Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Pssst....... Coca-Cola!

Some time ago, my friends and I noticed some Coca-Cola with special packaging while shopping at Jaya Jusco. The Coke can came in palm size and looked extraordinary from the one we see in the market. Perhaps, these Coke were special editions of some football tournaments since I saw something related to FIFA World Cup Korea Japan was printed on one of the cans. Lol, that was 4 years ago. It's 2006 now.


These Coke are quite pricey and I think only Coca-Cola fanatic would buy them for their collection. I once saw a toy shop in Time Square selling Coke with various can design too. Maybe they can add these to their store.

And also, introducing this Coca-Cola Suicide Robot which I saw in Rocketboom Oct 24.

Watch it at YouTube.

p/s: Oh ya.. Yahoo! Time Capsule is going to be sealed in 1 Day and 23 Hours time. Have you contributed?

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