Saturday, October 06, 2007

Celebrating life with technology

We are living in technology era and no doubt, technology plays an important role in part and parcel of our lives today. In conjunction with Malaysia 50 years of independence, HP organizes a 'Celebrating life with technology' contest. To participate, you just need to submit a photo with an impressive caption. There are 50 prizes giving away for most voted winners.

Since the prize is quite attractive, I want to try my luck too.


I submit my photo for Week 4 entry. This picture was taken during my visit to China-Malaysia Friendship Memorial Park, Sarawak. The handicapped person was working at the park and volunteer from The Sarawak Cheshire Home was there to pick him up. I witnessed the situation where the handicapped person and wheelchair landed on a piece of wooden platform. After that, he used a mechanical lever to lift it up until it reached the same level with the van so that he could get into it.

So, I think technology really helps disabled person to live a easier and better life. If you are kind enough to vote for me, please go to the gallery view page, choose Week 4 and sort the entries by Participant Name. Navigate to page 5 and vote. Thank you first.

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