Thursday, October 25, 2007

Taiwan: National Museum of History

While heading off to the museum, I walked past this building, National Taiwan Arts Education Centre (国立台湾艺术教育馆). Although it's not the destination I was looking for, my curiosity brought me in but the dead silence inside brought me out within 1 minute. I couldn't see any shadows inside.
National Taiwan Arts Education Centre

Normally the taufu-fa that we had in Malaysia comes with brown sugar or white sugar only. From the menu, I could see there were too many choices with different flavors. Before entering the museum,
I had this taufu-fa with aloe vera. There was ice at the bottom of the bowl and it made the taufu-fa tasted frozen and not smooth. Not so nice.
Aloe Vera Taufu Fa

Voila, I reached National Museum of History (国立历史博物馆). I bought a concession ticket was priced at NT$150. The ticket included the entries to the museum and Terracotta Army of Qin Shihuangdi Exhibition. Camera was prohibited so I couldn't take any picture. There was a gallimaufry of artifacts such as buddha statues, lots of china pots, Taiwanese traditional embroidery and the like. There was a section about Book of a artist (艺术家的书-从马谛斯到当代艺术, Le livre d'artiste-de Matisse a l'art contemporain). I could hardly believe my eyes because there was French inside a Taiwan museum. Matisse was a French artist. This section displayed many books with major artistic pictures and minor words. Quite interesting. Besides all these historical items, there was a cafe, facing the lotus pond at botanical garden, in the museum. The customer could enjoy the beautiful scenery while sipping the coffee.
National Museum of History

Terracotta Army of Qin Shihuangdi Army Exhibition (兵马俑) was going on at the same time. It's an eye-opener for me as I had never seen before. Various warriors of Qin Dynasty, their roles in the war, the detailed description of each warrior, the horses and carriage, the weapons, terracotta entertainers and so on were revealed. This was a great archeological discovery.
Terracotta Army of Qin Shihuangdi

This was the Kneeling Archer displayed at the surrounding of the museum. A few of these warriors could be seen at MRT station too. If you watch Survivor China, you would know that they use this archer as the immunity.
Kneeling Archer

I walked by this National Education Radio signboard while looking for my way to the MRT station. Just took a picture for it.
National Education Radio

I went into this Taipei Municipal Jianguo High School to ask for the direction. Do you notice the huge pumpkin? Halloween was not around the corner by that time, an early celebration? Trick or treat? The kind-hearted guy showed me the way to CKS Memorial MRT station.
Taipei Municipal Jianguo High School

On my way to the station, I passed by this Stamp Museum. But I didn't go in for a visit.
Stamp Museum

This long queue that almost utilised every step of the staircase struck my interest and made me walked down to find out what was so special down there.
Dumpling Queue

This uncle was selling dumpling. The bakchang must be super yummylicious that worthed the wait.
Dumpling Stall

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