Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Taiwan: Shilin Night Market

Taiwan is well-known with its night market. For sure, we wouldn't miss Shilin Night Market. Even One Utama also has one shop called Shilin Taiwan Street Snacks selling all these Shilin food delicacies. Actually I didn't eat much of those Taiwan food but it's good to introduce some famous one.

This large-size fried chicken steak (大鸡排) was selling at NT$45 per piece. And, the queue was long. It's something not to be missed at Shilin Night Market.
Shilin Night Market

Large and crunchy. There should be one fitness centre around this night market area. =P
Shilin Fried Chicken

And also, super large sausage (大香肠). Again, the queue was long as well.
Shilin Sausage

Different flavors of super long and fat sausages.

These 2 stalls were located at the entrance of the night market. We walked further in to see what else could this night market offer us. The stalls inside didn't have so many customers. Perhaps, it's still early for dinner time. Many chinese words looked unfamiliar to me, for example this 天妇罗, I think it's tempura and translated to chinese word according to the japanese pronunciation.
Shilin Night Market

Shilin Night Market

From what I could see from below of the menu, this stall had appeared on various TV shows and drama series. There must be something special from this stall.
Shilin Night Market

This is a place for food lover.

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