Sunday, November 18, 2007

Sony album-T Launch

Last Tuesday, I received an invitation email from Sony Malaysia regarding their latest event, Cyber-shot album-T Launch. This event was dated on 11/11 11:11 am. A special date and time. I think I am a Sony fan and I really wanted to find out what's album-T. Surely, I won't miss out this exclusive launch. Very lucky customers are entitled to buy the camera at very speacial price. That's very attractive.
Sony album-T Launch Countdown Clock

I was a little bit late. By the time I reached, this madam already walked away with a brand new album-T by paying RM 11.11 ONLY. The camera, originally priced at RM 1,399.00 was sold out at RM 11.11. Incredible, she was damn lucky! That's RM 1,387.89 cheaper and 99% discount. She must had been queuing up since the day before. And, she could get a Rynn Lim's autograph on her T2.
RM 11.11 for Sony Cyber-shot T2

There were 2 dancing performances by the contestants of Astro show. Not bad. In the mean time, those customers who had been lining up started to purchase their cameras at gradually increased price. But, it was still cheap.

The camera comes in 5 colors namely Black, White, Blue, Green and Pink. Firstly, the organiser picked a group of people clad in these colors. Then, Rynn Lim would choose the winner with most creative outfit and he/she could buy the camera at RM 11.11. Other participants made a lucky draw and bought themselves T2 at RM 111.10, RM 222.20 or RM 440.40.
Green Team

Of course, many fans wouldn't miss out Rynn Lim 林宇中, the spokesperson of Sony Cyber-shot. There's a booth setting up to sell the tickets to his concert which will fall on 08/12 at KLCC. RM 80 and RM 150 tickets were selling like hot cakes and they were sold out within 2 hours.
Rynn Lim

Rynn Lim also performed a song 十分颜色. It's the official song for this camera and also the theme song for his tv drama. He got a great voice.

At last, the autograph session started. The crowd of delirious Rynn Lim supporters must be very excited to get the autograph of their idol on their cameras and posters.
Rynn Lim Signature on album-T and poster

The main 5 features of album-T are Smile Detection, Blogging Friendly, 4GB Built-in Memory, Creative Print and Touch Screen. I haven't really play with the camera yet. But from what I know, the camera is able to detect your smile and you can see a square focusing on your face appearing on the screen. Then the picture is captured with your best smile.
Smile Detection

What I like is the 4GB internal memory. My T10 has 56MB of memory only and I buy 2x2GB Memory Stick Pro Duo in order to have this 4GB memory capacity. Just imagine, how much you can save with this large amount of internal memory. I will head to Sony Style to find out more sometime later.

Please visit for more event videos.

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Blogger HanLun said...

i m waiting for ur next entry by using wat wat sony wat T200 :p

11/29/2007 01:58:00 PM  
Blogger YeeJen said...

haha. it's still in the box. will play with it soon. hope can post sth abt it in dec.

11/30/2007 01:15:00 AM  

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