Saturday, December 15, 2007

HP Merdeka Contest Winner

I participated in HP Celebrating Life With Technology Contest some time ago. The force luck was with me and I am proud to be one of the Third Runners-Up. I went to PMG Asia located at Menara Amcorp to collect my prize. I carried it all the way from my company back to my home. That's tiring! This was me posing with my printer at Kl Sentral.
HP Deskjet F4185 @ Song About Jen

The prize consists of HP Deskjet F4185, Sony Cyber-shot T200, leather case with stylus and a genuine 1Gb Memory Stick Pro Duo. Syok!
HP Deskjet F4185 Sony Cyber-shot T200 Memory Stick Pro Duo 1GB Leather Cover Stylus

I feel relieved that I get a black one instead of other colors especially red. Introducing my brand new slim and stylist T200.
Sony Cyber-shot DSC-T200

So this is the HP Deskjet F4185 All-in-One printer, scanner and copier.
HP Deskjet F4185

It has a very cool control panel. To perform a job, I can use the software installed in my computer or by pressing these buttons.
Control Panel of HP Deskjet F4185

After 15 steps of setting up, it's done and I could start trying it out. Unfortunately, the software language was set to Chinese by default and I didn't know how to change it to English. It gave me problem later on. I hit an error when I tried to scan and save the file to a folder. The error message appeared in Chinese and the customer support were only available in English and Malay only. It's in vain to call them as they were not able to understand and identify the problem after I tried to translate the error message. Later on, I received an email with links to the documentation about problem and solution. The customer support was very poor, I could say. So be it since I seldom use the scanning functionality.

My main concern is photo printing. Photosmart Essentials is the software tools that handles photo editing and printing. The pictures turned out to be very good although they were not nicely fitted on the papers. In fact, I need to pick up some knowledge about photo size and using the software.
Photo Printing

I am thankful to ZaaiYuen for telling me about this contest, everyone voting for me and HP for giving me all these.

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Blogger HanLun said...

u have forgotten to mention i helped you carrying from kl central to B central and from B central to kl central after tat :D

12/16/2007 07:12:00 PM  
Blogger JayceOoi said...

Wow... So many prizes. Cool le.

12/17/2007 08:15:00 PM  
Blogger YeeJen said...

hanlun: haha. credit to you for carrying it to B-Sentral and back. we ate tosai and nasi briyani that day.

jayceooi: yea, cool :P

12/19/2007 11:36:00 PM  

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