Sunday, January 13, 2008

India: Karapakkam

Both the company and hotel are located along OMR at Karapakkam. Karapakkam is a small town in Chennai. A few IT MNC like Accenture, PayPal, eBay, Satyam and the like are situated in this small town. In addition to these companies, there's also a university, Sathyabama University. The driver described it as "very biggest" university in Chennai. So, I'm not sure whether it's very big or biggest. In fact, it's big.
Sathyabama  University @ Song About Jen

The journey from hotel to office took about 15 minutes. We could have reached the office faster if the road condition was better. I bet you don't want to count how many loopholes are there in the video below.

View at Karapakkam

Besides, the traffic was extremely bad. They drove like there's no traffic rules and regulations. The driver just honked to go through. Everyone did that and it had become their driving habits. Did they pass their driving tests?
Traffic Jam @ Song About Jen

During the journey to work, I could take a view on the daily routines of the locals. It's truly an eye opener for me. I had seen guys peeing by the roadside. Cows ate paper trash or even poster on the wall. Perhaps, paper was more delicious than grass over there. Cows were freely roaming everywhere. There's no proper drainage system and water stayed stagnant after the rain. The bus was always full and overcrowded. Sometimes, the passengers in auto rickshaw had to share the seat with the driver. On top of these, some of the locals were walking bare foot. Geng!

These two girls were walking to school. Education would improve the standard of living in this village someday.
School Kids @ Song About Jen

No doubt, one serious issue was absolutely pollution. Besides noise pollution produced by almost every single car, the town had gradually become a rubbish dump. People littered like the garbage would dissolve in the air by itself. Even in front of big company, I could see polystyrene floating on the stagnant water. Didn't they know this hazmat is harmful to the environment?

View at Karapakkam

This video shows the urban kampong wooden houses with palm-leaf roofs. No bricks yet. Most of the houses and shops were small in size and they were unreachable unless you wanted to walk in floods or paint your shoes with muds.

View at Karapakkam

High Tea World.
Shop @ Song About Jen


P/s: Switchfoot!!! Jay Chou!!! Poor!!!

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Blogger Caine Mutiny said...

Are you living in Chennai now? I am looking for some information on medical tourism to Chennai.

1/16/2008 03:21:00 AM  
Blogger YeeJen said...

caine: Hi. I'm not living in Chennai. I'm from Malaysia. Thanks for dropping by and good luck for your science discovery.

1/16/2008 07:22:00 AM  

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