Sunday, December 16, 2007

Charity Food Fair

I didn't make it to My Chemical Romance Concert although I really wanted to join other 18k MCR fans and singing "We'll carry on.. We'll carry on.." together. These tickets belonged to my housemate. Check out Raven's blog and his Flickr page for really great MCR photos.
My Chemical Romance Concert Ticket

On the same day itself, I tagged along YokeYin for a charity fair at SJK (C) Yoke Nam, OUG. Th objective of this event was to raise funds for new Tham Wan Wah building. Let the pictures do the talking.

I was parked in a booth selling package goods basically biscuits. This cute girl was my partner. She was unable to speak clearly, so she was very quiet and became frustrated when I asked her questions. Hope that she would be more confident in future.
Girl at CHarity Food Fair

YokeYin and ChongLeong who were on Ushering team later joined the fun at my booth. Good to have them.
YokeYin and ChongLeong

There were a lot of booths selling many things and activities running on throughout the event. This was the dragon drifting past the booths. There was a lion dance as well.

Aunties, you are very cute with the baloon hat!
Cute Aunty

One of the food sold there.

Ai Xin Mian Bao. Hey guys, no need feel shy.
Ai Xin Mian Bao

Uncle looks high while selling kuih.
Uncle Selling Kuih

Singing performance.
Singing Performance

Backstage practicing.
Practice at the Backstage

Aunty with art works.
Aunty's art work

Emcee of the day. I guessed you have seen him before in TV2 Mandrin News.

The event ended at 3pm and I got some of free food from those goods which was not sold out in the end. Hopefully this charity food fair is fruitful and they manage to raise sufficient funds for the new building.

P/s: Has WGA Strike ended? Can't wait for Heroes Volume 3: Villains.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

so... what's this i see ? you're a MCR avid ? my gawd.... holy gosh... LP was somehow or rather the heavy metal music that could perpetually wake up the dead... but MCR too ?

hmm... kinda find it quite strange for you to love these kinda bands... makes me always picturing you to one of my fav singer, Avril Lavigne... rock on~

so you went to a charity event that consists of mainly old ppl... hmm... planning your early retirement and making a bee line for that comfy old folks home ? hahaha

not quite a bad event though, although there are some old hanks acting like they are still in their 30s :) where was this event held ?

p.s :- craps for brains, teaser question... why is it in all picture you take only emphasizes on the events but not yourself ? where's the YOU in the pic ? :)P

1/02/2008 10:16:00 PM  

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