Saturday, February 16, 2008

Penang Part 2

After meeting with weiliang, we went to New World Park. This place was just opened not long ago. You can get many Chinese hawker food there. I just took fruits because I was still very full. So, weiliang and his gf ate these. Lam Mee (淋面). Many ingredients and cheap.
Lam Mee New World Penang @ Song About Jen

Popiah (薄饼).
Popiah New World Penang @ Song About Jen

And Fried Oyster (蚝煎).
Fried Oyster New World Penang @ Song About Jen

We chit-chatted a while and let the food in my stomach to digest so that I can eat more later. Here we went for the much craving Penang Asam Laksa (叻沙). Mingyih suggested the one at Ayer Itam (near to Kek Lok Si 极乐寺) but we went for Gurney Drive instead. It's a food heaven which offered a wide variety of local food.
Penang Gurney Drive Hawker Stall@ Song About Jen

So, this was the tantalizing Asam Laksa with a dollop of prawn paste (heh ko in hokkien). Thumbs up. RM 2.50 for a small bowl and Rm 3.00 for a big bowl. You can request for fish meat, fish ball or egg with additional charge. I was sweating profusely while eating this. It's spicy and the weather was pretty hot.
Asam Laksa Penang Gurney Drive @ Song About Jen

They had taufu-fa (豆腐花) as well. My stomach was about to burst that time, the limited capacity was overloaded.
Tau fu fa Gurney Drive @ Song About Jen

After makan minum, we walked across the road for some sea breeze. Meanwhile, they wanted to wait for one stall to open since it's still early. Gurney Drive with blue blue sky.
Gurney Drive @ Song About Jen

It's fun to talk crap hang out with my lepak kaki again. They were my dotA kaki before they graduated. So I have not played dotA for more than half a year already.
Gurney Drive @ Song About Jen

The next destination was Ghee Hiang. It's well-known for its Sesame Seed Oil and a hodgepodge of pastries. The sesame seed oil business started more than 150 years ago since 1865 and it's still running strong now. I bought Tau Sar Pneah (豆沙饼) and Hneoh Pneoh (香饼) for my family.

That's the end for my Penang trip. Will be there again on the next time I go back to my hometown.

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