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New Zealand: 24 Hours In Hamilton Part 1

29 Mar, 2011 - 30 Mar, 2011

The weather in New Zealand has been playing on us. It drizzled for 3 days 3 nights and the pack house had not much kiwi to pack. I only worked for 3 hours on Tuesday and made a last minute plan to go to Hamilton since there was a balloon festival going on there.

I packed and booked a bus ticket from Intercity and boarded onto the bus 45 mins later. The bus stopped at Rotorua for 30 mins and I grabbed the opportunity to book my accommodation. I was quite worried that I had to camp beside Hamilton lake as I rang Eagles Nest Backpackers earlier and I was told that dorm room had been filled. Fortunately, the nice lady in Rotorua i-Site managed to find me a dorm room at Microtel YHA. The reservation invoice and receipt were placed into a nice cover.
Reservation ticket in nice covers by Hamilton and Rotorua i-site

The bus passed by Cambridge before arriving at Hamilton. I was catching up with my much deprived sleep during the whole journey. After arriving in Hamilton and checking in to the hostel, I spent my time strolling in the city streets. Finally I was back into a city again after spending time for 3 weeks in a boring small town. Walking along busy Victoria street, I spotted Les Mills!!! I had been doing Les Mills Body Combat for 5 months before coming to NZ and it's my favorite sports so far. I walked into the gym and asked for the price and it's good to know that they allow casual visit at $19. I'm gonna visit the gym someday...
Les Mills

Waikato river is the longest river in New Zealand. There's a nice track at the riverside and a lot of people were jogging there. Of course, I had a walk along the river. 2 fellows were doing kayaking at the river and this is something we won't see in Malaysia. I think they are preparing for a competition because their speeds were fast.
Waikato River

After the stroll, I went back to YHA and took a nap. At dusk, I wanted to go to PaknSave supermarket for shopping and food. Surprisingly, the sky color was so nice I quickly grabbed my camera and took a few shots of Ulster street in front of YHA. The orange color sky really left me awestruck.
Ulster Street at Dusk

YHA was also painted in orange color.
Microtel YHA>

There's nothing much to do at night and I spent my time shopping in the supermarket. And, a day has ended.
Pak n Save



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