Saturday, January 14, 2006


Exam is finally over and this trimester II is over too. Time flies. I feel like I didn't learn anything in this semester. Everything just passes me by in a blink of an eye. Or it's because I skip too many classes and do last minute study for every test? Haha... It doesn't even matter. I'm getting closer to the end of my university life and I just need to bear for another semester only. I believe that I can handle it until the end.

I was using Gaim yesterday and I found out that I had forgotten my ICQ number. It has been a long time since I last used of it to play Rock, Paper, Scicssor (RPS) with my friends. Anyway, I don't plan to get another account since most of my friends have switched to Yahoo messenger already unless ICQ releases a version with extraordinary feature which strikes my interest.

Movies re-watch is what I do in every semester. After watching The Matrix Trilogy, only I realize that Micheal, starring Harold Perrineau Jr. in Lost Series is actually Link in Matrix Reloaded and Matrix Revolutions.

There is one new mini mart opened beside the indian mamak stall. I don't know where has the cyber cafe gone. The store is a little bit like 7-Eleven store. Auntie's shop and another mini mart have competitor now. Hopefully, they fight how cheap their goods can be.

The Penang Government is doing a survey whether the price of Penang Bridge shoud be increased to RM 8.50. Kindly make your vote. :)

Penang Bridge

Sharing two video clips on guitar playing which i find amazing...

Canon In D (.flv) Download
Super Mario Theme on 11 String Bass (.mov) Download

Finally, Happy Holidays to all!


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