Saturday, December 26, 2009

Singapore: A Morning at Bugis

On Monday morning, my friend went to work and without having any plan for my next destination, I stopped by Bugis Junction again although I had visited there the day before. Entering into the mall from MRT station, the first 2 shops that came into my sight were Ya Kun Kaya Toast and Old Chang Kee. IMO, Ya Kun is no different than our very own Oldtown White Coffee. So, I grabbed a piece of Old Chang Kee's curry puff for my breakfast. There must be something special in this curry puff behind the success story of expanding the business from a stall in a coffee shop to multiple franchise outlets today. The size was large, the crust was soft and the filling was good.
Singapore Old Chang Kee Curry Puff @ Song About Jen

According to the map on hand, the attractions nearby were Bugis Street and Kwan Yin Temple. I walked past Bugis Street on my way to the temple. Most of the stalls were still closed in the morning. They don't need a house so there are a lot of adult shops.
Singapore Bugis Street @ Song About Jen

My friend said that this temple is normally very crowded during the weekends. I went in the temple to make a donation and see the local folks doing their prayers.
Bugis Street Guan Yin Temple @ Song About Jen

Saw this Laughing Buddha on my way back. Wishing for good wealth and prosperity, the locals rubbed on his round face and belly. Hahaha. I followed.
Bugis Street Laughing Buddha @ Song About Jen



Blogger David Jr said...

Hi YeeJen, funny you posted about this and I just got back from Singapore just last night.

By the way, love your travel stories and keep them coming.


12/28/2009 02:12:00 PM  
Blogger YeeJen said...

Oh, haha.. you must be having a great Christmas in S'pore. Happy New Year!!

1/05/2010 01:18:00 AM  

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