Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Yes, this song is driving me madness. Endless stream of madness gushing into my mind now... From Muse latest album, The 2nd Law.

Oh yea, AirAsia is operating a new route which is Kunming. There are a few places that I want to go. One of them is Yunnan. I have a thought of flying to Vientiane, Laos, cross to Yunnan overland, travel all the way up and ultimately hike the famous Tiger Leaping Gorge. Probably I can save some time by taking direct flight between KL and Kunming, if I don't have enough annual leave. Of course it would be cool if I can just quit my job and take my time to travel. I want to do it in the month of November because Dongchuan Red Land has the most beautiful colors at that time. I shall put this piece of note into a time capsule and see what happen in next or next next year November.

Dream on. Good night!


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