Monday, February 27, 2012

27th Feb

Just like bubbles fizz away in my Speight's bottle. Time flies.

Last year today, I escaped from the cobweb of no-life working life and ventured into the realm full of uncertainties. With a 15-kg backpack on my back, my friend HN and I took off from Kuala Lumpur. We landed on Melbourne the next day and off to Auckland the following day. With our sleepy eyes and stoned brains from jetlag, our bittersweet journey of New Zealand working holiday started since then.

The Backpacker Me

Today, I embark on another journey. I'm going back to the vicious cycle of work, sleep, work, sleep,
(no need to type so many times, it's gonna be infinite until I hit 55 years old)... Sad but reality is just cruel. How I wish I'm capable of turning the Dharma wheel instead.

Foo Fighters - Wheels. It explains best.

I will break the wheel one day, someday.



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