Sunday, September 23, 2012

New Zealand: Last Winter

Last winter, I had mixed feelings, both melancholic and happy. My south island journey started like a bear market. I met a great teacher who made me bang my head hard on the wall. I learnt about reality and how materialism could turn a person into a b*tch. Should I say thank you? Yes, I should. That's the time I bonded with my travel mate. Hard time made us talk more and plan things out.
Mid of August, winter almost ended. But the weather had gone haywire. Snowstorm was hitting New Zealand hard. We stopped working for 3 days and left the depressing city on a plane to Wellington. I had no regret of making such decision although my current job paid me pretty well. The hourly wage was the highest I got among all the jobs I worked in NZ. The only regret was I didn't bid farewell to my colleagues. Apology to Rose, the supervisor who hired us when my bank account was down to dollars. I don't know how to repay her kindness and hope that she accepted our voice mail as proper resignation. I kinda miss my colleagues Stacey, Isaac, Josh, Jerry, Todd, Kate and Gemma. I'm grateful for any help I got from them.  
I was in 4 cities within that 2 weeks. Christchurch, Wellington, New Plymouth, Wellington and lastly Blenheim. It's kinda refreshing to experience weather change when I traveled up north. From Christchurch that was blanketing with white white snow to Wellington with freezing wind chill. There was one time when HN, FB and I were having dinner in Welly, there was a sudden hail falling down from the sky and lasted for a short 10 minutes. Surprise?! After a short stay in Welly, I traveled further north to New Plymouth to see the magnificent Mount Taranaki. I arrived in New Plymouth by bus and walked my ass up the hill to YHA on foot with my duck down jacket on. I was sweating profusely. It's so much warmer there. My moolah was still running low, I had to settle somewhere and get a job. After New Plymouth, I went back to windy Welly and walked door to door to every hotel I could find and applied for job. However, all the applications ended up in drain. 
Eventually, there I was, Blenheim and the season changed. Cherry blossom season. Welcome Spring :)
Spring is here
P.s. It has been more than half a year I left NZ. I hope I could post more because the places and experience are just incredibly amazing! Probably, I will pick up a little bit on photo essay. 



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hey sis, such a great experience. not everyone can have such chance like you :)

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