Wednesday, October 03, 2012

New Zealand: My Bird Feeding Experience

While I was strolling along Rotorua Lake, I met this uncle who was feeding bird at the lakefront. Surrounding by lots of gulls, he held his hand up high with a small piece of bread and the birds automatically spread their wings and grab it. I felt pretty amazed and I snapped away. He looked chill only and smiled at the camera. 
Look at the genuine smile on his face! Joy of Bird Feeding
He then walked to me and offered me a piece of bread to feed the black swan. I tried and the black swan bite. Ouch! They put up this notice for a reason. Lol.
Black Swan may attack you. I tried.
In the end, he left when there's no more bread. I stayed there and continued taking photographs of the black swan. Minutes later, guess what? He returned. With French Fries!!! So, this time round I learnt from him and hold the fries high. Wait wait wait and damn why the birds did not fly up high and grab it? Were they full or what? I waited patiently and feeling embarrassed simultaneously, a bird finally gave me face and grabbed it. The bird was so close to me and it was flying right in front of my eyes. The feeling was just great.
Hands Held High and the bird will come to you
By chance, the reporter from Rotorua Daily was there too. We were busy taking pictures of him feeding birds and had fun feeding birds and black swans until all the fries ended up in their stomachs.
Feeding Black Swan
Big thank you to this uncle for giving me a chance to experience the joy of bird feeding. During my stay in Blenheim, I walked to Horton Park at 6am in the morning. Strolling on the soulless streets gave me peace and there were thousands of birds on the field. Woot! It's a great way to start my day, or should I say end my day because I was working night shift back then. Other than Blenheim, I also fed birds at Te Anau lakefront. But, those birds just wouldn't fly up high like those in Rotorua. Why??? Damn fat birds! 


I saw a flock of pigeons at Masjid India occasionally and this reminds me of the great experience in Rotorua. However, I don't think I can feed them. Sometimes, I kinda envy the kiwis. They can just live simple life and be happy.  



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