Saturday, April 13, 2013

Friday Rant

BIM, supposed to be my first run of 2013. I kinda anticipated it and registered myself last year. It would be exciting to run a half marathon when the clock ticks to 12 midnight on election day and face the ballot box few hours later. Due to time constraint and my inability of teleportation, I gotta give this run a pass. I choose "ubah"! Plan B tells me to hike Mt Kindabalu again this August with Coalition Duchenne. After checking on AA website, reschedule a flight would cost me at least a whopping of RM200 for a return trip. Arrghh... I guess I have no chance to visit KK again this year. Probably till BIM 2014.
I'm a laggard in technology and just got myself a smartphone Nexus 4 early last month. And gosh my phone got snatched during lunch time near to my office end of last month, on that very day I got my bonus. Really wtf!
Just like the title of email from BIM race director, "You get screwed whichever way you turn!". Time to deal with impermanence. 


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