Saturday, March 10, 2007

Firefox Smart Keywords Search

Normally when I want to search for the meaning for a word, i would just type define: word at Google search box. It is a lot more easier and faster than going to some dictionary websites like Merriam-Webster Online and although these websites give better explanation like pronunciation, sentence example, origin of the word and the like. Until the moment I get to know that Firefox has the feature of quick dictionary search, I switch to this method which is pretty handy to me. By typing dict word at the navigation bar and press Enter, it would return the meaning of the word from

A couple of days ago, I did the same thing on my Firefox 2.0 browser. It returned Google search results of "dict" and "word" rather than the results from as it used to be. Since then, only I found out that the feature, called Smart Keywords was predefined in older Firefox version. By checking out on the bookmarks imported, there's a section, Quick Searches which links to a few keymarks with certain properties.

4 Quick Searches predefined in Bookmarks

For example, this is the predefined properties for Dictionary Quicksearch. Location field is set to The "%s" will be replaced with the word typed in the address bar. Dictionary Quick Search Dictionary Quicksearch Properties

These are a few steps in order to add your own Smart Keyword Search.
Step 1 : Go to the website where you want your search to be done i.e. and Right Click at the search box.
Add Keyword

Step 2: Click on "Add a
Keyword for this Search..." or Shift+Alt+k if you want to use keyboard shortcuts.
Step 3: Add Bookmark window will pop up. Fill in the Name, Keyword and Bookmark folder at your preference. The bookmark folder must not necessarily be "Quick Searches". You can create new folder as you like.

Add Bookmark

Step 4: Done and you can start your searching. For an instance, by typing rt "the prestige" on the address bar, I manage to get the movie result instantly.

It would be useful if you need to perform search from a website occasionally.

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