Thursday, March 29, 2007

Yahoo! Mail Storage Goes Unlimited

I have been using Yahoo! Mail since I started using internet back in year 1999. It is my first mail account and I am still using it until today. 2 years ago, Yahoo! Mail offered 1GB of storage to the users. Undeniably, this is such a good news for me since I do not need to email some of my mails that I want to keep to another mail account, and I do not need multiple mail accounts anymore.

Today, Yahoo! announces that the mail storage capacity is going to increase from 1GB to UNLIMITED in conjunction with Yahoo! Mail's 10th Anniversary in May. Wow.. I am really happy to know about this.
Currently, I am using 89% of my mail storage. Extra capacity is like a gift for me before it hits 100%. Compared to other email services, I think Yahoo! Mail is the best. The only setback is spam. I receive an average of 15 spams per day. That's too much. I hope that the spam folder is always empty although it doesn't display "Hooray, no spam here!".

Besides, Chatterbox Inbox is going to be available too as announced in February. Can't wait to try it out.


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