Sunday, April 06, 2008

KLIA Transit

Last Wednesday, KLIA Transit was malfunctioned for the first time. I was kind of surprised to know this as it is the most reliable public transportation in Malaysia. I had never encountered this before. The passengers were told to board at KLIA Express station as KLIA Transit service would stop for a while.
KLIA Transit Malfunction @ Song About Jen

There's nothing we could do, so we just followed the instruction. We went to the boarding platform of KLIA Express and were told that KLIA Transit service was back to normal. Again, we headed back there and had to wait for another 30 minutes for the next train to arrive.

I grabbed a free issue of Malaysian Reserve from KLIA Express platform. This was how I spent my half an hour.
KLIA Transit Malfunction @ Song About Jen

On Friday, my friend told me that the same thing happened again. Bandar Tasik Selatan area was flooded due to the heavy downpour in the evening. Hope that this flood issue can be nipped in the bud soon. I can't imagine what time the KTM regular passengers reach their homes that day.

P/s: BTW, whose shoe on the track?

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