Wednesday, August 13, 2008

My Elephant

I'm grateful that I have a bunch of colleagues who are also food lovers. We got to know about this Thai restaurant, The Elephant via newspaper. The food bloggers at A Whiff of Lemongrass and You Get What You Give wrote pretty good reviews too.

Since we went there during lunch time, we ordered set lunch which consisted of a main course, drinks and fruits. We can choose Pandan or Krachiap juice to our choice of preferences. That's my Krachiap juice which tasted a lot like Ribena.
My Elephant @ Song About Jen

Fish Cake with aromatic lemongrass (Daun Serai). My first bite told me it tasted like Otak-Otak. A good start for our meals. Nice!!
My Elephant @ Song About Jen

A Thai meals would not be complete without Tomyam soup right? This is a bowl of Tomyam soup just right for 2 persons with 2 big kung (prawns). It's not spicy at all. Just imagine a person like me who order "Lemon and Herb" at Nando's Chicken also can handle it.
My Elephant @ Song About Jen

Fried rice with Lychee and Prawn. The presentation itself is mouth-watering.
My Elephant @ Song About Jen

My Thai Laksa. It's like dried curry with santan.
My Elephant @ Song About Jen

Green curry rice. The rice is not white rice but brown rice which is said to be more healthier and nutritious.
My Elephant @ Song About Jen

The lunch this afternoon was sumptuous and delicious indeed. The price was reasonable whereby 4 lunch sets, 1 fish cake and 2 Tomyam soups costed us RM 60.60 only. Highly recommended.
The restaurant is located near to Happy Mansion at Seksyen 17. The location is a little bit hard to find, you just need to round a few more times and observe the yellow word My Elephant.

Bon Appetit!

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Anonymous PrettyGirl2u said...

Look nice lo. Yummy. :D

8/15/2008 01:39:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

u bring camera anytime anywhere?

8/16/2008 04:27:00 PM  
Blogger YeeJen said...

jayce: Yea, tasted nice also :)

flyinggish: Nope. I purposely bring on that day :D

8/18/2008 12:30:00 AM  

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