Monday, June 16, 2008

Anything? Or Whatever?

Long time ago, I read about Anything and Whatever in Timothy Tiah's blog. The creative brand names, hilarious advertisements and catchy David-Tao-look-alike Anything poster made me want to try out this drinks. I salute their marketing ideas. The good news is these drinks are available in Malaysia market now.
Anything? Or Whatever @ Song About Jen

When I accidentally saw Anything and Whatever in Jaya Jusco, I grabbed a few cans (maybe I was too excited that time). Of course I didn't finish them all but I gave out to my colleagues. I thought they would have some excitements to try out new thing. After they drank, the majority commented that the taste weren't nice. Perhaps, I was the only one thrilled to find out the mystery in the can. The feeling of you-dont-know-what-you-gonna-drink should be chi kek, right? In the mean time, you can play guessing game on your drinks too. Too bad, I'm the only one who likes to do something yang bukan-bukan. Watch this Anything ads...

Enjoy and have a good laugh on Whatever!!

P/s: The official date of Firefox 3 Download Day is 17th June 2008. I have my Firefox Countdown Add-ons showing me how much time to go until the day.

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