Friday, January 13, 2012

New Zealand: Foo Fighters Concert 2011

Hot chips, hot dog on stick, rain, hill, jam-packed kiwis, funny Jack Black & his brother, T-shape stage, heaps of ff's hits, Dave Grohl and Foo Fighters playing for freaking 3 hours!!! That's ff's last show in 2011!

I'm glad that I made it to the concert. That's the reason I'm back to Auckland again. On 13th Dec, I screamed my lungs out at Western Springs Stadium with 50,000 ff's fans. No camera or bag allowed in the concert. So pardon my pahlia phone, this is the short clip that I managed to record. "drafted this on Dec 15th and I still do not manage to upload my recording"

The annoying part of the concert is that there's a man got drunk when the concert was just started. Alcohol was sold in the event and that fella had been drinking since ice age. When Jack Black was performing for the opening act, I saw him holding 3 cups of beer with an empty cup in his pocket. In the midst of the concert, his gf/partner/wife/whoever dragged him down the slippery hill to toilet. He was staggering with his hands covering his X (you know where). I think he almost pissed in his pants. I hope someone didn't kick his ass as everyone had to give way to him and he could roll down that hill anytime if he slips. When ff was performing Wheels for the encore, he almost had a fight with a guy next to him. C'mon, that's the first song for encore and concert's almost finished. Memang potong steam lah this fella!

Overall, the concert was more than good. It's awesome!!! And now only I know, 'Cold Day In the Sun' is sung by the drummer, Taylor Hawkins. Woot!

Jan 12th, 2012
I met an Australian in my dorm room. He got a free ticket and watched the concert in Sydney. He was so close to the stage and he showed me the recording of guitar solo. Damn!! He doesn't listen to Foo Fighters and don't know much about this band and he said that they are AMAZING after watching them live. So happy to know that!!



Blogger DarKScoRpioN said...

Foo Fighters is coming to Singapore. This is really good news for their fans. I can't wait to watch them on stage. Yay!!!

1/13/2012 04:46:00 PM  
Blogger YeeJen said...

Woohoo.. Faster grab your ticket and book your calendar in Mar :)

1/15/2012 02:15:00 PM  

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