Saturday, January 07, 2012

New Zealand: Mavora Explorer Mountain Bike/Run

By chance I was in Te Anau and came across the poster of Mavora Explorer event poster at YHA, library and i-site. This is how the website describes the event.

"This is a unique opportunity to explore the back country of the Mavora area.
This land has been made open to the public for one day only, don't miss this opportunity, there is an event for everyone!"

Sound interesting, isn't it?

Since I was close to the place so I was thinking to go to the event and tried to arrange bus transportation. There is no local bus in Te Anau so I tried TrackNet. I went to the office and the receptionist told me they only go by charter and she pointed me to RealJourney. She said, "RealJourney is the main organiser, you might want to check with them".

Okay,,, so I went to RealJourney office and the receptionist pointed me to i-site at next door. They just want to entertain and suck the money from those wanting to go to Milford/Doubtful Sound, Gloworm Cave or whichever bang-for-the-buck tour.

Okay,,, so I ended up in i-Site and the response that I got was... "TrackNet has a bus to go to Mavora on Mon, Wed and Fri." Duh! In the end, the wheel turns back to TrackNet again.

As expected, this is how helpful those tourism staff are in NZ. I was off to Invercargill the next day. I wonder how many people were in Mavora on Jan 7th, 2012.

All in all, get a car to travel in NZ. :)



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